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A Dosimetrist's Sarcoma Journey

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Presented by Christopher J. Moore, BS, CMD
Chief of Medical Dosimetry
MD Anderson at Cooper Cancer Center

Recorded 10/23/18

The title of my session is “A Dosimetrist’s Sarcoma Journey”. In it, I will discuss how, after 30+ years in the field, I became a patient rather than a Cancer Healthcare Provider. A lump in my leg was diagnosed as a MyxoFibro Sarcoma. Obviously my life changed dramatically upon diagnosis. I will discuss the many facets of becoming a patient beginning with the difficult task of explaining the situation to my family, the various emotions that are unavoidable, primary treatment options, along with my own radiation treatments and surgery. I will discuss the things I learned as a patient that I had little to no knowledge about as a Dosimetrist. I am positive that every one of my colleagues has wondered how he/she would react to becoming a patient. Would you do your own plan? Would you get your treatments at the facility you work at currently? How would your co-workers handle the situation? Are there things I would want to incorporate into my own planning now that I have laid on the treatment table?

Learner Outcomes: 

  1. Explain what it’s like to receive a cancer diagnosis as a lifelong healthcare provider.
  2. Discuss my treatment options and subsequent treatments.
  3. Talk about the things I learned that I needed to incorporate into my own planning moving forward 


Christopher J. Moore is currently the Chief of Medical Dosimetry at MD Anderson at Cooper Cancer Center. He has over 35 yrs experience as a medical dosimetrist.Christopher hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Widener University and was past AAMD President from 2011 to 2012.