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Prone Regional Nodal Irradiation at OSU Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center

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Presented by Lee Culp, MS, CMD, RT(T)
The Ohio State University Stephanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center

Recorded 12/8/18

This lecture will discuss Regional Nodal Irradiation (RNI) treatment techniques at Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center  SSCBC, part of The Ohio State University. In particular, this talk will focus mainly on Prone RNI IMRT treatments. Women with large pendulous breast see better outcomes and receive lower toxicities when treated in the prone position, and this can also be carried forward in the treatment of RNI patients as well. We will begin with an evaluation of the patient selection process as particular detail has to be noted for a patient to qualify for prone positioning. We will then discuss our CT Simulation process, while paying special attention to the boards we use, special tips and tricks, along with thought processes from both the attending physician as well as planning dosimetrist. Contouring, followed by planning, will be discussed at length to teach and educate the attendees which nodal volumes the physicians contour. We hope to address planning in a way so that participants can convey this lecture to their clinic and reproduce our philosophy behind prone RNI treatments. Lastly, an overview of plan evaluation will be examined to conclude the presentation. Prone RNI treatments are a difficult way to treat for the therapists, dosimetrists, and physicians. However, the benefit surpasses any negatives for the patient. Therefore we would like to share our knowledge and skills with our community for the betterment of all RNI patients.

Learner Outcomes:

  1. Accurately reproduce prone setup for RNI patients
  2. Understand better the patient selection process for prone patients
  3. Treat prone RNI using IMRT


Lee Culp, MS, CMD, RT(T) is a Dosimetrist at The Ohio State University Stephanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center with his area of expertise focusing on all Breast Cancers. He has been employed at OSU in Columbus, OH for the past three years, and is actively involved in AAMD on the Continuing Education Committee which he is co-chair, as well as the Annual Conference Committee. This is his second time presenting at the National Conference.