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Stereotactic Radiation Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

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Available Until: 3/31/2022

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Presented by Krista Kelsey, DVM DACVR (RO)
Veterinary Radiation Oncologist
Carolina Veterinary Specialists

This session will provide a brief overview of the current state of stereotactic radiation therapy in veterinary medicine including a brief review of recent literature and the description of how each tumor type is treated in a private practice facility.

Learner Outcomes:

  1. List the tumor types treated with SRT
  2. Identify common stereotactic protocols
  3. Estimate tumor response to various protocols

Educational Level: Entry Level

Krista Kelsey, DVM DACVR (RO), is a Veterinary Radiation Oncologist in private practice hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She completed her undergraduate work at Siena College and worked in a toxicology lab in the NYSDOH before pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.  She completed veterinary school at the University of Tennessee, an internship at the University of Florida, and a residency at North Carolina State University.