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Dynamic Arcs for Multiple Sites

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MDCB Credits: 1.00

ARRT Credits: 1.00

Available Until: 7/31/2022

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Presented by Jeannie Anderson, MS, CMD
Medical Dosimetrist and Medical Physics Associate 
​Martin ‘O Neil Cancer Center

This session will provide an overview of how to use conformal dynamic arcs to treat the esophagus, thoracic spine, lung, and ilium in Eclipse for Varian Linac. SRS and SBRT planning will also be discussed.

Learner Outcomes:

  1. Identify types of target volumes that can be treated with dynamic arc
  2. Explain the difference between dynamic arc and other treatment planning
  3. Use dynamic arc in clinic

Educational Level: Entry Level

Jeannie Anderson, MS, CMD, has worked at the Martin ‘O Neil Cancer Center in beautiful Napa Valley for seven years. She is the solo dosimetrist and also a medical physics associate there. In 2003 she graduated from Cal Poly, Pomona with a BS in Physics and magne cum laude. She graduated in 2004 from the University of California, Riverside where she received a master’s degree in general physics with a Dean’s Full Fellowship. Afterward, she went to work at the James M. Slater Proton and Research Center in Loma Linda first as a calibration physicist and then as a dosimetrist. For over 15 years she has practiced in the field of radiation medicine and is active as a member and volunteer in the AAMD.