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Radiation Should Not Break a Child's Heart: Dosimetry and Late Cardiac Effects

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Available Until: 10/31/2022

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Presented by Molly Havard Blau, MD
Resident Physician
The University of Washington, Department of Radiation Oncology

From the AAMD Virtual 46th Annual Meeting
June 6 -10, 2021

NOTE: If you earned CE Credits for this session during the AAMD Virtual 46thAnnual Meeting, you will not be eligible to earn CE Credits for it again.

As cure rates for pediatric cancers have improved, there are more long-term survivors living with the consequences of their treatment. The late cardiac effects of radiation are not as well described as other late pediatric effects, although there have been recent advances in research. The topic has implications in the treatment of most pediatric cancers outside the central nervous system, as well as craniospinal irradiation. This session will describe the literature related to late cardiac effects in children treated with radiation, as well as treatment techniques to mitigate these risks.  

Learner Outcomes:

  1. List three pediatric diseases where late cardiac effects from radiation have been characterized
  2. List two dosimetric criteria that can be applied to try to minimize the risk of late cardiac effects
  3. Describe three planning techniques to mitigate the risk of late cardiac effects

Educational Level: Intermediate

Molly Havard Blau, MD, completed her undergraduate education at Stanford University, where she then stayed to complete a two year research fellowship in biomedical ethics. Dr. Havard Blau then traveled to Georgetown University, where she obtained Master's degrees in physiology and biophysics.  Dr. Havard Blau attended medical school at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, where she was first introduced to radiation oncology.   Currently, Dr. Havard Blau is now completing her radiation oncology residency at the University of Washington in Seattle.