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Automatic Planning of Whole Breast Radiation Therapy

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Available Until: 2/28/2023

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Presented by Yang Sheng, PhD
Medical Physicist
Duke University Medical Center

This session will share Duke’s single institution’s experience with AI planning tools for whole breast radiation therapy.

Learner Outcomes:

  1. Discuss treatment planning for whole breast radiation therapy using ECOMP technique
  2. Explain the basic concept of machine learning application in treatment planning
  3. Describe the workflow of commissioning a AI tool in the clinic

Educational Level: Intermediate

Yang Sheng, PhD has PhD degree in Medical Physics from Duke University and is now an ABR certified therapeutic medical physicist practicing at Duke University Medical Center. He has training, experience and expertise in clinical physics and research projects in radiation oncology physics. He is a primary medical physicist with the primary responsibility of brachytherapy services including treatment planning for high dose-rate radiotherapy (HDR), quality assurance, machine and radiation source calibration. He is also responsible for various brachytherapy-related treatment techniques, such as low dose-rate radiotherapy (LDR) I-125 eye plaque treatment, intra-operative radiation therapy (IORT) using Ir-192 remote after loader.