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Teaming in the Radiation Oncology Environment

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Available Until: 3/31/2023

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Presented by Linnae Campbell, MSHA, MS, CMD, RT(R)(T)
Medical Dosimetrist
​Northwestern Medicine Proton Center

Teaming is an action carried out by radiation oncology departments. In Amy Edmondson’s book, Teaming, there are many concepts that can be applied to radiation oncology. When applied, the concepts help individuals team successfully regardless of the individuals’ roles in the department. During the session, the concept of teaming will be explored with a focus on radiation oncology and dosimetry examples.  Furthermore, there will be a discussion on psychological safety in order to team and learn. Next, the types of boundaries that can make teaming more challenging will be identified along with ways to work across them. Finally, the talk will discuss how to approach failure when it inevitably occurs.

Learner Outcomes:

  1. Apply the concept of teaming to radiation oncology
  2. Explain workplace psychological safety and how to foster it in the workplace
  3. Identify the types of boundaries that can inhibit teaming and how to work across boundaries
  4. Discuss how to approach failure and learn from failure when it happens

Educational Level: Entry Level

Linnae Campbell, MSHA, MS, CMD, RT(R)(T) has earned certifications and degrees in radiography, radiation therapy, and medical dosimetry. In December of 2020, she graduated with her master of science in health administration with a concentration in quality improvement.  Linnae has worked as a dosimetrist at the Northwestern Medicine Proton Center for over 5 years. Also, she is a safety coach and helps educate others about protons. Linnae was a co-author on a poster for the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group-North America in 2017. Additionally, she was a speaker at the National American Association of Medical Dosimetrists (AAMD) Conference in 2019, the AAMD’s inaugural Proton Planning Symposium in 2021, and the American Society of Radiologic Technologists Radiation Therapy Conference in 2020 and 2021. Lastly, Linnae volunteers on the AAMD’s continuing education committee.

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