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Pre- and Post-operative Breast SBRT Using New Modalities

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MDCB Credits: 1.00

ARRT Credits: 1.00

Available Until: 12/31/2023

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Presented by You Zhang, PhD, DABR
Assistant Professor of Medical Physics
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

This session will introduce pre- and post-operative breast SBRT planning and treatments using novel modalities including GammaPod, Unity MR-LINAC, Cyberknife, and Ethos. The rationale of breast SBRT will be discussed, and the benefits/challengs of current implementations via different modalities will be discussed.

Learner Outcomes: 

  1. List the rationale and recent developments of breast SBRT
  2. Discuss the unique benefits offered by different treatment modalities
  3. Explain the dosimetric impact of different treatment modalities and the corresponding planning considerations

Educational Level: Entry Level

You Zhang, PhD, DABR, is currently an Assistant Professor of Medical Physics and Engineering in the Department of Radiation Oncology, and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Zhang is an ABR-certified medical physicist and licensed in Texas. Dr. Zhang graduated with a B.S. degree in Physics from Nanjing University in 2010, and attained his Ph.D. in Medical Physics from Duke University in 2015. Before becoming a Faculty Member in 2018, he completed a Medical Physics Residency Program at UTSW. Dr. Zhang is the lead physicist of the GammaPod service in UTSW, in charge of the maintenance/QA, treatment planning, and plan delivery. The GammaPod is a novel, dedicated device for pre- and post-operative breast radiotherapy, especially SBRT. Dr. Zhang is also a physicist in the Unity MR-LINAC team, with a focus on breast SBRT planning and delivery. Dr. Zhang is actively working with the physicians to fine-tune the clinical trial protocols on SBRT dosimetric goals and treatment planning strategy, and performing studies comparing different modalities for breast SBRT

ARRT CQR Credit Distribution
Radiation Therapy 2017:

     Prescription Dose and Calculation = 0.25
     Treatments = 0.50 credits
Radiation Therapy 2022:

     Prescription Dose and Calculation = 0.25
     Treatments = 0.50 credits