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AAMD Student Webinar - Efficient Treatment Planning Solutions: Keeping Dosimetrists’ Expertise in the Driver's Seat

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Available Until: 12/31/2025

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This session is part of the AAMD Student Webinar Series
These webinars are free to all Student Members.

Sponsored by Radformation

Presented by Mariel Cornell, CMD
Strategic Clinical Success Manager
Destiny Jacobs, CMD
Clinical Success Manager

Join Radformation for an enlightening webinar diving into the transformative impact of automation in medical dosimetry. This session promises valuable insights to shape your understanding of modern dosimetry practices.

Our esteemed presenters, Mariel Cornell, CMD and Destiny Jacobs, CMD, bring a wealth of clinical experience and expertise to the table. They will guide you through an exploration of how automation is revolutionizing the radiation oncology workflow from start to finish.

Key topics to be covered include:

  • AutoContour: Discover the power of deep learning contours that jumpstart treatment planning, saving you time and ensuring precision in your work.
  • EZFluence: Learn how this innovative tool automates the tedious aspects of field-in-field and electronic compensation planning, making complex tasks more efficient and manageable

ClearCheck: Explore the world of best-in-class plan evaluation and see how it can enhance the quality of your treatment plans while streamlining the evaluation process
ClearCalc: Uncover the potential of modern, streamlined secondary calculations, simplifying critical aspects of dosimetry calculations and ensuring accuracy in your work.

This webinar is designed to equip you with practical knowledge and tools that you are highly likely to encounter early in your dosimetry career. This session will share real-world examples and insights, providing a clear vision of how these automation solutions can elevate your dosimetry practice.

CE credits are NOT offered for this session.