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International Collaboration Between Low-Middle-Income and High-Income Institutions to Improve Radiation Therapy Care Delivery

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Presented by Tatiana De Martin, BSRS
Clinical Strategy and Operations Specialist
GenesisCare Solutions

This session will explore the collaborative partnership between a low-middle-income institution in the Philippines (Fairview Cancer Centre) and a high-income institution in Australia (GenesisCare Solutions). The primary goal of this collaboration was to further the efficiency of radiation delivery and expand its accessibility at Fairview Cancer Centre. By introducing streamlined electronic workflows and infusing data collection points seamlessly into the patient journey, our intent was to foster the seamless collection of dependable data as well as improve department efficiencies. This, in effect, equips departments with invaluable insights and empowers data-driven decision-making processes as well as improves the patient radiation therapy experience.

Learner Outcomes: 

  1. Identify the benefits of international collaboration between LMIC & HIC
  2. Identify Radiation Therapy delivery improvements
  3. Identify the benefits of electronic reporting lending to greater data-driven decisions

Tatiana De Martin, BSRS, is a Radiation Therapist from Australia who has worked for GenesisCare for eight years, predominantly within the dosimetry space. Tatiana now works for GenesisCare Solutions as a clinical strategy and operations specialist, helping external departments set up new protocols and processes to best support operational workflow and best patient outcomes. Tatiana was one of the project leads for the collaboration between GenesisCare Solutions based in Australia and Fairview Cancer Centre based in the Philippines to improve efficiency and access to radiation therapy delivery in Fairview Cancer Centre. 

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